Systematic’s SitaWare Headquarters played a key role in the operational planning activiites at the recent Swedish Brigade staff exercise in Enköping.

Systematic’s SitaWare Headquarters, together with its IRIS military messaging products, form part of SWECCIS the tri-service command and control platform which was successfully used throughout the exercise to provide operational training for staff from the 2nd and 3rd BDE, and subordinate 15 battalion (BTN) staffs.

These two new brigades are the result of the reorganization of the Swedish armed forces and are to be operational by 1 January 2013. The overall aim of the exercise was to train staff from these two new fixed BDEs, in total the exercise involved approximately 240 staff officers.

SitaWare Headquarters was used to produce operational plans by the primary training audience at BDE level which were then exchanged with the subordinate BTN and Higher Headquarters. The Swedish constructive training system CATS TYR, which is integrated with SitaWare, was used to challenge the BDE staff through means of a simulated operational scenario.

The system performed extremely well, ensuring that the scenario used during the exercise represented a realistic operational situation.

LtCol Daniel Källman, COS 2nd Bde, took part in the exercise: "During the Swedish Brigade staff exercise we have used SitaWare Headquarters for operational planning, and this time we have really experienced that a C2 system is of great value during operations."

SitaWare played a key role in the Swedish Combined Joint Staff Exercise in April in sharing situational awareness information across the Land, Air and Maritime component commands and operational headquarters.

This Brigade staff exercise took the use of SitaWare in Sweden to the next level by incorporating the planning and decision support capabilities of SitaWare Headquarters into the operational planning element of this exercise.