RUD Chains is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of round steel chains, producing top-quality chain components and systems for a wide variety of markets and applications.

Operating for over 140 years, customers can be confident in the quality and expertise of the RUD product portfolio.

The firm is known as a leading manufacturer of chain systems and components to the armed forces worldwide: on land, sea and air, RUD Military Technology is meeting the specific needs of the world’s defence forces.

The RUD lifting range is vast; offering more than 500 different tested and certified lifting / lashing points covering a working load capacity range from 0.6t to 200t.

RUD’s robust lifting points can work under harsh weather conditions up to – 60°C, ensuring that work can always be done.

The firm has developed a pioneering RFID system where components are embedded with a RFID chip. This technology enables users to track, identify, inspect, and trace all equipment, effectively making inspections and documentation of products a quick and easy process.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of lifting and lashing applications, RUD is proud to offer top-quality products for standard and specialist projects.

The firm’s chain technology enhances system weight, meaning less transport space is needed due to flexible modular systems; and most importantly RUD’s equipment is easy and safe to use due to their ergonomic design.

Anyone in the industry knows how important safety is when lifting and moving heavy loads. RUD’s lifting points have forged safety latches on each hook.

The firm also offers an innovative overload indicator, which deforms before the lifting point becomes damaged, therefore highlighting danger to the user before any damage or accidents occur.

The direction of the pull when lifting can have a major impact on the working load limit of a standard eyebolt, creating a safety breach.

Appropriate lifting points can adjust to the direction of the pull which allows full engagement of the bolt, resulting in a safe lift.

The RUD StarPoint® VRS has been designed to adjust to the direction of the pull. The StarPoint® will swivel to the direction of the load lift so that the working load limit is always at the direction of the load. It also removes the chance of bent eyes, backed out threads, or over-tightening.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lifting and lashing applications to the MOD, RUD is continually innovating and developing its product range to stay at the forefront of customers’ demands.