At Eurosatory 2016 the Düsseldorf-based group is giving the international public a first look at Skynex, its new concept for a fully networked, future ground-based air defence system.

The Oerlikon Skynex features open, modular architecture, enabling connection of a wide array of different sensors and effectors, resulting in a highly effective, largely automated system of systems.

Central and decentralised operation and command are possible, and the system can be configured for tactical and operational applications alike. Moreover, the Oerlikon Skynex is highly mobile and ready to go into action straight away.

As a result, it can be used for defending critical infrastructure and / or airspace against virtually any airborne threat, around the clock and in all weathers. It can even detect incoming rockets, artillery and mortar shells (RAM) and very small drones, swiftly neutralising them with maximum economy of force.

The Skynex’s nerve centre is the Skymaster command system. Through a communication system, it establishes the connection to other subsystems. These can include up to three Oerlikon X-TAR3D search radars (as sensors) and up to 12 air defence guns (as effectors) each at 35mm.

One possible effector, also on display at Eurosatory 2016 for the first time, is the remotely controlled, network-capable Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3. Tracking / sensor units such as an X-band radar, electro-optical sensors and electronic warfare components can be integrated into this 35mm platform, enabling swift, autonomous engagement of externally assigned targets.

If requested, Rheinmetall can connect a number of other subsystems to Skynex, including Skyshield or Skyguard fire units, launch devices for anti-aircraft missiles and even high-energy laser (HEL) effectors. Adding electronic warfare components and extra sensors for detecting ‘low, slow, small’ (LSS) targets can further enhance the system’s effectiveness. Furthermore, the Oerlikon Skynex can interface with higher-echelon units and other air defence assets.

At Eurosatory 2016 Rheinmetall is showcasing its innovative Skynex air defence system teamed with a Skyshield sensor unit, the Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3, an HEL effector and a guided missile launcher.

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