The National Safety Council has awarded RELYANT, LLC the "Perfect Record Award" for completing 12 consecutive months without an accident involving Lost Work Time.

The National Safety Council award, announced during an all-employee meeting at RELYANT’s Headquarters, recognizes RELYANT’s long-standing commitment to safety in operating and maintaining its services. The award commends RELYANT for "operating 53,448 employee hours without occupational injury or illness involving days away from work" in 2011.

Furthermore, in 2011, RELYANT worked 922,406 employee hours overseas without incident or accident. Safety is critical to all of our policies, practices, and procedures, as our people are our most important assets. We will continually focus on intensive safety by application of a comprehensive, "industry best practice" corporate environmental health and safety plan as well as an accident prevention plan.

To date, RELYANT remains accident-free and has no recordable injuries or lost work day injuries since the company started in 2006.

Our current EMR rating is .97, which is below the industry standard. RELYANT’s safety performance, while conducting hazardous work in austere environments, has been outstanding.

The National Safety Council is a non-profit organization that is committed to helping and preventing injuries in the workplace, on the road, in the home, and in the community. The organization works together with businesses, elected officials, and the public to make a difference in creating a safe work environment and to continuously improve safety management systems.