A record number of attendees were seen for Fischer Connectors at Electronica 2014 this year.

The event took place from 11-14 November in Munich, Germany.

The spectacular way of displaying the high-performance push-pull connectors brought a large number of visitors to the Fischer Connectors booth.

Four holographic display windows placed at each corner of the Fischer Connectors stand were eye-catchers for the Electronica visitors and the company’s presentation of the main product lines and new product features got a lot of interest.

Also debuted at the event was a new pin socket version of the Fischer MiniMax™ Series. It showed how a miniature high-density connector can be used to save space.

The demonstration of this Fischer MiniMax™ Series further illustrated its ruggedness and sealing performances in all types of harsh environments and extreme temperatures.

Meanwhile Fischer FiberOptic Series Hybrid was also featured at the event. It includes two fibre and two electrical contacts in one connector. The firm demonstrated this connecting solution with a wheel track interaction monitoring and measurement device through a miniature train eye-catcher.

All detailed information regarding the Fischer Connectors products featured at Electronica 2014 can be found on our website. If you have visited Electronica and you were not able to speak with one of our representatives, feel free to contact us now with any query.