The FAUN Trackway team recently took part in the inaugural SIOpSELVA expo, which brought together the largest Brazilian and foreign specialists in military operations to discuss new ideas and technological solutions for protecting the Amazonian environment.

Taking place from 17 to 19 November in Manaus, Brazil, the event gave FAUN Trackway the opportunity to meet potential customers and have conversations around the military and civil applications of our products.

What’s more, Mike Holdcraft, business development vice-president at FAUN, delivered a presentation to a packed auditorium detailing our full range of solutions and how they are able to operate in the diverse jungle climate.

Products on show included the MLC 30 and MLC 70 Trackway, which are used extensively by more than 30 armed forces around the world to allow easier passage across challenging terrains. We also showcased our landing mats and runways, which can be deployed with ease to ensure aircrafts and helicopters can take-off and land without the need to build a permanent runway, maintaining biodiversity.

Our attendance strengthened FAUN’s position as a leading manufacturer of expeditionary recoverable matting in front of a new audience, and the reaction from attendees was very positive.

The event was a complete success – so much so, the exhibitors are already planning further editions.

Thank you to the team at Tridente Consultoria for their continuous help and support.