lithium sulfur battery

OXIS Energy has agreed to combine its expertise in the development of pioneering cell technology with Steatite Battery Systems’ battery pack design and assembly skills to develop lithium sulfur rechargeable battery systems with advanced communications. These systems will be developed for a wide range of applications in the oceanographic, defence and energy industry such as unmanned vehicles and Li-S solar battery storage systems utilising photovoltaic cell technology.

With a particular interest in the downhole oil and gas industry, the companies will work closely together in identifying suitable partners using OXIS Technology for use in Steatite Battery Systems.

According to OXIS Energy CEO Huw Hampson-Jones: "We are extremely proud of being at the forefront of developing lithium sulfur battery technology, but the agreement we have reached with Steatite allows us to combine our strengths in a way that will significantly intensify their further development. Their expertise in oil and gas, transportation and security will allow us to deploy our lithium sulfur cell technology into sectors where safety, lightweight systems and reliable energy performance are key requirements for their customers. We are keen to support the company in growing its battery systems business in the UK and overseas."

Steatite battery manager Paul Edwards commented; "Steatite has established an enviable reputation for building high-quality battery packs used in the most demanding applications, Our association with the world’s leading lithium cell manufacturers and knowledge of the battery industry will continue to improve with our association with OXIS Energy. Lithium sulfur is a game-changing technology offering significant technical and commercial advantages in applications using rechargeable lithium technology. We are delighted to partner OXIS Energy at the forefront of this development."