Designers must move quickly to provide the circuitry needed for new miniaturised products that are being employed in today’s ruggediaed portable electronics.

Electronic systems, modules and other contributing sensors and components must be small, lightweight, rugged, and quickly available.

Design software systems using solid modeling techniques are producing circuit layouts and concepts rapidly. Images and dimensions of standard silicon chips and other components are quickly defined and printed circuit board layout can be done much faster these days.

Finally, as design engineers near completion of product design, they must select connectors and cables to send and receive power and signal information to and from the circuit.

To help with this fast turn miniaturisation process, Omnetics provides micro and nano-connector design data and products that are readily available.

Simultaneously, purchasing teams are faced with supplying high-reliability products with lower costs and utilise standard components.

Application-specific solutions are still available and frequently required, but often times a standard connector or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product can do the job.

The interconnect layout is immediately available online and sample products can be quickly shipped for first article build and testing. This can significantly reduce time-to-market for the manufacturer.

Omnetics maintains a large stock of micro and nano-size standard and COTs connectors to help meet the need for rapid delivery often expected in new design and prototype manufacturing.

These connectors have years of proven reliability in many mission-critical applications from military and space technology to medical equipment design.

Omnetics has established reasonable pricing for standard connectors aimed at providing faster and cheaper solutions for the early design of products.

These connectors offer the same high-quality and ruggedised performance by using the same basic elements and materials used as in the firm’s QPL-tested connectors that pass MIL-DTL-32139 and MIL-DTL-83513 programmes.

All standard and COTs designs use pin and socket layouts of .025in or .050in and are available in a number of board-mount formats or connected to standard 18: wiring lengths of Teflon® insulated copper wiring.

As an example, the Nano-D connector is off-the-shelf with pin counts from 9 to 65 positions. Frequently used formats also include both .025in and .050in pitch strip connectors for board-edge mounting configurations.

Pin and socket layouts are in compliance with IPC board processing standards and accept simple multi-touch (SMT) processing well.

The connectors are built, using the Omnetics’ proprietary spring-pin system (Flex-Pin). Nickel and gold plating of the mating elements provide reliable performance for more than 2,000 mates and de-mates per connector, while maintaining high-signal integrity.

Getting quick information regarding the COTs and standards is as easy as going online to or calling the local representative in the area. Detailed solid works drawings and renderings are immediately available also.

Omnetics manufacturers mission critical connectors that can deliver in any environment. All of its connectors are manufactured in the US in Minnesota and is a single point contact as it relates to interconnect design solutions in both standard and application specific designs.

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