NZThe New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has agreed to an operating lease of a suite of SitaWare Command & Control (C2) software through Systematic’s in-country partner, Eagle Technology.

The three-year agreement will support NZDF’s command and control (C2) training programme of the New Zealand’s ground forces. SitaWare will be introduced into a number of training environments during the lease period to expose as many personnel as possible to operating in a digital environment.

"Both Eagle Technology and Systematic will be working very closely with the New Zealand Army" says Greg Dillon-Price of Eagle Technology.

"SitaWare will help develop and educate the Army’s personnel to identify and improve different operational procedures, and to examine different configurations of software and equipment that will help them to be an informed customer for a future networked enabled system."

SitaWare is a rapidly deployable, off-the-shelf solution which allows integration of multiple systems and legacy applications into a single, unified operational overview.

The latest version of SitaWare supports Commanders in planning and executing operations with a comprehensive set of tools for command and control, operational planning and situational awareness.

Built upon a data model optimised by Systematic, SitaWare is incredibly flexible and has the ability to support multiple MIP baselines simultaneously. This enables the user to easily test different configurations of hardware and software, as well as enabling them to interoperate with coalition partners regardless of whether they are using MIP Block 2 & 3.0, NFFI or other prevailing standards.