Blast Freezer, Model CBU-30

Following Klinge Corporation’s acquisition of Norfrig Equipment, a leading supplier of ultra-low temperature refrigeration and thawing solutions, the company has announced the release of their lower-cost Blast Freezer Container today. The Blast Freezer, Model CBU-30, quickly freezes cargo to -60°C (-76°F).

The new lower-cost CBU-30 is available at a reduced price with production of the unit shifting from Kjellerup, Denmark to Klinge Corp headquarters in York, Pennsylvania.

By moving production to company headquarters, Klinge Corp can utilise their 31,000m² production facility on 105,000m² (26ac) of land. The company’s efficient production flow allows for annual production capacity of several thousand highly specialised transport refrigeration units, freezer units, and generator sets.

The CBU-30 Blast Freezer also features an improved defrost system. The improvement consists of a more efficient and thorough drain pan heating system which utilises more direct hot gas heating. The condensing section has also been redesigned with high efficiency riffled condenser coils on the R23 system.

The CBU-30 Blast Freezing equipment previously offered by Norfrig Equipment / Klinge Corp is a highly-favored solution to the challenges of quickly freezing cargo to ultra-low temperatures. The Blast Freezer’s large high capacity centrifugal evaporator fan draws air through the load to ensure even temperatures throughout the load.

Many standard units are not equipped with an evaporator fan system designed to accommodate cargos with high-pressure drops. Without Klinge Corp’s special design, airflow would be reduced and the blast freezing process would take considerably longer.

Klinge Corporation sales representative, Allan Klinge, commented: "The introduction of our Blast Freezer at a reduced price makes Klinge Corp’s CBU-30 even more sought-after by customers needing to quickly freeze cargo to ultra-low temperatures."

Just over a year after its purchase of Norfrig Equipment in Denmark, Klinge Corporation has also unveiled a new marinized and rugged Nose-Mount Freezer (NMF)-371. The previous model offered by Norfrig Equipment / Klinge was a well-received solution to the challenges of low-temperature storage, but was largely used in static (i.e. stationary) locations and not necessarily intended for marine transport.

Klinge sales manager, Jason Flynn, noted: "Klinge Corp’s aim with its new NMF-371 unit is to provide an improved design tailored to ocean shipment of ultra-low temperature cargo, while also removing the need for an internal evaporator section used in our previous models — thereby providing maximum usable cargo space."