new panther devices

MilDef is now launching the updated 10-series tablet PC’s and the DF6, a new product in the handheld segment.

The Panther DF6CE is a new form factor from MilDef, both smaller and lighter compared to its predecessor, the BOB DA05+. It is based on an ARM Cortex A8 CPU and runs Windows CE. The Android version of DF6 will also be an option, and will be released in the first quarter of 2014. The DF6CE has numerous connectivity options such as GPS, WWAN, Wi-Fi, BT, LAN, Serial and USB to name a few. The Panther DF6CE is ideal for applications where you need high connectivity in a small and lightweight device.

The Panther DR10 is replacing one of MilDef’s cornerstone products, the Panther DR8. The Panther, DR10 with its i7 CPU and up to 8GB of RAM, gives you the performance to smoothly run demanding applications with the toughness to survive extreme environments. Its hard drive can be pulled out on the fly as the situation in the field develops. And with a wide array of accessories and mounting options, you have the freedom to craft the ideal solution.

With a protection rating of IP65, you don’t have to think twice about bringing the Panther DK10 into the thick of it. Its 12.1in XGA screen, compact form factor and Intel i7 CPU make it ideal for both mounted and outdoor use. With a range of contacts, 120-pin connector and endless custom configuration options, there’s no shortage of ways to get hooked up.

Please get in contact with Product Manager Oskar Forssell at for more information.