Marine infantry

Tarpulin® has developed and delivered a portable, rapid deployment and large size workshop, which was designed using a large inflatable tent. The workshop provides a covered area of 96m² and a 100% waterproof environment.

This workshop is designed as a hangar for small or unmanned aircraft, such as a warehouse for mechanical supplies, food storage and supplies to respond to emergencies, as well as for a truck maintenance and repair workshop.

The workshop has two large entrances, one on each front, which allow the passage of vehicles or large equipment. The tent has windows with roller shutters that allow natural light, along with transparent mica membrane lids that let the outside light pass. It also offers rain protection and has a mosquito net to allow ventilation inside. Additionally it incorporates sleeves to connect air conditioning ducts and smaller sleeves for the passage of cables or hoses.

Within the design, 90m² of modular plastic floor of rapid installation supports high tonnage, an electrical control board for the equipment of illumination of high efficiency and resistance. The Marine Corps will use this tent in maintenance work to its vehicles located in extreme zones of Chile, in order to avoid mobilising their vehicles to the nearest city.

This is the first workshop delivered in the Southern Cone of Latin America with these characteristics, which positions Tarpulin as a world-class supplier in modular solutions based on inflatable structures.

The Tarpulin design and engineering team collaborates closely with the armed forces of different countries, as well as different private and public organisations, in order to develop products that solve the particular needs to face emergencies and catastrophes.

The purpose of delivering a product that integrates infrastructure, accessories, equipment and additional, goes hand in hand with generating a value proposition for customers and beneficiaries.

It is for this reason that Latin American organisations find an ideal partner in Tarpulin to solve their logistics infrastructure needs.