Crowds attending the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington D.C. last month (22 – 24th October) got the first glimpse of our latest product, Light Weight Vehicle Recovery Mats (LVRM).

Set to revolutionise humanitarian and disaster management missions, LVRM comprises 15 sq ft of ground covering suitable for the rescue of lightweight vehicles with pneumatic tyres.

The excellent wheel load distribution of the LVRM means it can be used to traverse tricky terrains such as very soft muddy or snowy conditions.

What’s more, for expeditionary forces where space is at a premium, when packaged each LVRM has a diameter of 8in and weighs just 9lb, meaning it can be easily stored and rolled out when needed.

Constructed from textile strips and epoxy reinforcement rods, it is a hard-wearing rescue solution that is resistant to both chemical and biological degradation.

With the AUSA show bringing together key personnel from across U.S. army divisions, it was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the LVRM’s practicality and versatility.

There was some great feedback and the next step is to take LVRM on the road and introduce the product to a wider audience.