Lintek has released a brochure detailing its future capabilities following a $1.3 million grant the company received from the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation’a (DMO) Priority Industry Capability Innovation Program (PICIP), to fund commercialisation of Via in Pad Technology, in June 2013.

Funding would ensure the enhancement of Lintek’s printed circuit manufacturing capabilities, providing capabilities, which were not previously available in Australia. Via in Pad Technology, the copper filling of the micro via holes, enables the placement of a via directly under the device’s contact pads, allowing higher component density and routing. A laser drill associated enhancement provides Lintek with the capability to laser profile to a higher tolerance specifications of intricate shapes for assembly fitment.

Lintek is an Australian manufacturer of one of the most innovative printed circuit board (PCB) companies in the world, with its patented high-vacuum copper deposition process to establish the initial copper seed layer.

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