The latest version of IRIS Organisation Messaging has now been released.

Version 2.1 now supports Microsoft Outlook 2010 and also has full integration with the messaging function of SitaWare headquarters.

The new IRIS Organisational Messaging client has been developed to support Microsoft Outlook 2010, as well as continuing to support Outlook 2003 and 2007.

New functionality now means that tactical messages from SitaWare headquarters can be forwarded by mail using IRIS Organisational Messaging.

A free set of integration scripts are available to all customers, which enables IRIS and SitaWare headquarters messaging to be linked.

Messages in IRIS Organisational Messaging can also be forwarded to patrol units using SitaWare Frontline via SitaWare Tactical Messaging (STC).

Existing customers with maintenance contracts will receive upgrades free of charge.