iOra Software will be attending Modern Day Marine, Quantico, VA, US, from 23-25 September, Booth 29 in the Small Business Pavilion.

"We are delighted to be exhibiting at Modern Day Marine, "says Richard Eltze, Global VP of Sales for iOra.

"We are honoured to have supplied the Marine Corps over many years. They, and our other military and civilian customers, have remote access to data in a timely manner, enabling them to make critical decisions at critical times using the iOra Geo-Replicator solution. iOra gives guaranteed access to information across challenging and unreliable networks."

iOra’s patented technology enables organisations with users operating in remote or mobile locations to have access to up-to-date business critical information. iOra dramatically reduces the size of data being transmitted over wireless and radio networks. Its technology has been successfully deployed on tens of thousands of machines by customers, including the UK MoD, US Marine Corps, Shell and Nato.

iOra’s customers operate in locations where there are few or no high-speed networks. Here, connectivity is delivered wirelessly by satellite or land-based radio. Having developed a stack of patented compression and replication technologies, iOra can now compress data by up to 99.9% and can make communication over these wireless connections a fast and affordable reality.

It enables all users, irrespective of location, to have the same experience when accessing enterprise content, which ensures information consistency, guarantees regulatory compliance and enables organisation-wide collaboration.

Gina Lenzi is the iOra Business Development Manager for the US and Canada and will be attending the show with Richard. Gina has many years of experience in the Defense sector and is an ‘honorary’ member of the Marine Corps working with the organisation in voluntary and professional roles.

Visit the iOra Booth 29 in the Small Business Pavilion to speak with Gina and Richard and discuss your particular requirements for access to data in challenging environments.

For more information, please contact iOra.