iOra Software today launches iOra Edge. iOra Edge is a brand new monitoring tool for reporting the health and status of iOra Geo-Replicator systems and for monitoring both local and remote deployments.

iOra Geo-Replicator is the leading replication and compression tool for organisations with employees in harsh environments where network access is sketchy or non-existent. With its patented compression and replication technologies, iOra compresses data by up to 99% and therefore enables access to data that would take much longer to replicate and deliver using other compression tools.

iOra Edge has been designed to support the deployment of iOra replication systems to users in the most remote and hostile environment, where access to networks cannot be guaranteed and – when available – are either high latency and/or low in bandwidth. IOra Edge provides a visual display of the health and status of all monitored replication systems. Replication health is displayed in the graphical iOra Edge Hub where technical statuses may be viewed by drilling down into the data. When troubleshooting is required, iOra Edge leads the user through a set of drill down screens to the specific operation responsible for generating a warning or error event. Additionally, iOra Edge can display detailed operational parameters that can, in turn, be used to manage the schedule replication of data.

From a user’s perspective, iOra Edge gives total reassurance that critical information has been received in a timely and accurate manner. The monitoring tool removes the time and effort required to communicate with remote employees ensuring that the latest updates and information are being acted upon. It tracks all replication metrics across every location and project with the dashboard displaying the details of warnings, errors and conflicts. The visual interface in iOra Edge is easy for non-technical users to determine the status of deployed replication, whilst giving technical staff a depth of information to drill down into when troubleshooting and resolving issues.

Richard Eltze, VP of Sales at iOra says, "iOra Edge is a new and exciting addition to the iOra Geo-Replicator product suite. It ensures all business critical data is delivered to the right place at the right time. iOra Edge gives the HQ NOC confidence that their business users have the most up to date information; such as commercial maritime operators having confidence that the appropriate regulations, IMO, Health and Safety, etc. is updated on each and every vessel in the fleet whilst at sea as and when required. For our Defence customers the iOra Edge delivers mission-critical capabilities including ensuring that all assets within an exercise or mission have the most up to date data and intel. The graphical iOra Edge Hub is designed to be a central tool within Command & Control giving full reassurance that their warfighters are collaborating on the latest information. "

iOra’s Geo-Replicator customers are global operations that need to share information in disconnected environments where there are few or no high speed networks. At these locations, connectivity is delivered by wireless, either over satellite or land-based radio.
iOra enables all users, irrespective of location, to have the same experience when accessing enterprise content – thus ensuring information consistency, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and enabling organisation-wide collaboration. iOra’s technology has been deployed successfully on tens of thousands of machines by customers including the UK MoD, US Marine Corps, Shell and NATO. Geo-Replicator works on a SharePoint environment or can be used file-based.