Modern radar systems need an exceptionally wide-range of transmission technologies for the requirements on the antenna. In contrast with the classic rotary joint with a slip ring and a high frequency section, systems that are more complex require further modes of transmission:

  • Data such as, for instance, FORJ technology or non-contacting data transmissions for diff erent data protocols (such as Ethernet)
  • Power such as, for example, non-contact DC transmission
  • Media such as cold liquids or dry air

A SPINNER hybrid rotary joint designates a combination of the classic rotary joint with at least one additional transmission technology such as, Ethernet, non-contact energy transmission, medium or optic.

A combination of these transmission technologies even without the classic RF section is called a hybrid rotary joint.

SPINNER supplies corresponding hybrid joints for the full range of transmission systems and is therefore able to off er the customer a corresponding solution for all of their requirements.

Due to the complex nature of the joints, this area involves mainly tailored solutions for our customers only.

Through the combination of standardized modules for the individual transmission path, SPINNER is able to conceptualize and supply a product with a comparatively brief period of development.

An example of the many possible combinations and capabilities of SPINNER is the draft of a joint without the classic section, meaning without a high frequency channel.

All the elements of the hybrid rotary joints are developed by SPINNER themselves or in cooperation with suppliers, and integrated by SPINNER. In detail, this joint consists of a dual channel media rotary feed-through, a joint fordry air, a dual channel non-contact Ethernet transmission, a 6 channel fi ber optic joint as well as a 14-bit encoder.

The power supply voltage and data channels are realized with the help of a slip ring. Through the high integration level of the channels, it is possible for an exceptionally compact design to occur which brings together all requirements in as little space as possible.