Hotzone Solutions recently started a series of field testing to help first responders in relation to CBRN incidents.

First responders, according to NATO Civil Emergency Planning’s International CBRN Training Curriculum are defined as "individuals and teams that are involved in activities that address the immediate and short-term effects of a CBRN emergency".

The result of our on-going testing program will help these groups of responders to better understand detection, protection and decontamination requirements in relation to CBRN incidents. They will attempt to answer the questions that are of concern to all first responders.

Our test projects in 2013 will focus on the decontamination of personal protective equipment (PPE).

We have developed our own test protocols to evaluate current decontamination procedures for their effectiveness and limitations. In these decontamination tests we use real chemical warfare agents, in a field environment, and contaminate according to expected concentration levels that may be found at a CW-related incident and apply common methods of decontamination.

The results will be made available to interested governmental agencies and organisations as well as the CBRN-related industry (i.e. manufacturers of protective clothing).

Hotzone Solutions’ first project was The Decontamination of Protective Butyl Rubber Gloves.

If you are interested in the full test result, please contact