GEROH is pleased to announce that it welcomes five new members to its family of international representatives:

The Netherlands – SurCom International BV

SurCom is an independent defence contractor active in the European defence and public safety market since 1992. Its portfolio consists of carefully selected products and systems of some of the world’s leading and most innovative defense related industries. Additionally, SurCom designs, builds, installs and maintains (integrated) communication and surveillance systems and end products. They also specialise in adapting, ruggedising and militarising commercial-off-the-shelf products and systems for defense and security customers in NATO and NATO partner countries.

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Spain – GIZA Technologies

Giza Technologies, SAU was established in Spain in 1997 as a products and services supplier, specialised in the distribution and representation of a wide range of manufacturers of RF and microwave components, sub-systems, modules and complex systems and related products, focused on high technology applications.

The main market segments are defence, aerospace, avionics, SATCOM, homeland ecurity, air traffic control, telecommunications and broadcast, to name a few/

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MICROELIT – the electronic specialist – is a well-known representative of hi-tech electronics devices for more than 30 years, covering Italy and Greece with offices in Milan and Rome.

Their mission is to promote hi-tech products to customers at competitive prices, which are developed and manufactured by innovative companies like GEROH located all over the world.

The main markets of MICROELIT are RF and microwave, optics, defence and aerospace, marine and naval in addition to sub-systems and test equipment.

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Denmark – PT Defence

Precision Technic Nordic was established in 1985 with its main headquarters in Copenhagen. Since the foundation of the company, the main effort has been to provide quality and capabilities to its customers and partners. Since the beginning, the core business has been electro-optics, infrared technology and turn-key solutions within these segments.

The PT Defence Group consists of companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and holds a broad range for high-end products from distinct manufacturers within the Industrial and Commercial segment.

Another main focus is hardware solutions for land forces and special forces. However, the product line also includes applications and products for airborne and maritime applications. Precision Technic Defence works closely with international companies like GEROH to develop and market new and innovative products.

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ELEXIENCE is an additional reinforcement for our French market. ELEXIENCE is based out of Verrières-le-Buisson and was established in 1971. Since then, it has grown to become one of the leading sales and service organisation in electronic systems. Elexience distributes scientific equipment for research, quality-control and production. The main markets are defence and security, aerospace, telecom, satcom, optics and transport.

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