In July 2011, Hotzone Solutions (HZS) and the Chornobyl Center, Ukraine, signed a cooperation agreement.

HZS is now in the position to offer radiation training courses as of spring 2012, together with field testing of equipment and procedures, on the premises of the Chornobyl Center and in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (ChEZ), including the evacuated town of Pripyat, situated in the ChEZ.

The first pilot course was conducted in September 2011. One of the participants was the Deputy Editor and Technical Director of the magazine CBRNe World, Mr Steve Johnson, who published an article on the training in the last edition (Winter 2011) of the magazine.

This unique training course will enable us to teach protection against open radioactive sources, detection of radioactive sources in contaminated environment, consequence management after a nuclear accident and many more.