With its new ten-pin layout added to the Fischer UltiMate™ Series 07, Fischer Connectors completes this rugged product line for harsh environments. This popular push-pull circular connector is now available in a very large range of sizes and configurations suitable for all applications.

This high density version of the Fischer UltiMate™ Series 07 is a small, miniaturised connector containing ten contacts within plug and receptacle diameters starting at 12mm only. This is a major benefit, as much less space is necessary to implement a connecting solution, allowing designers to create smaller, lighter devices.

With this additional configuration, the Fischer UltiMate™ Series of rugged connectors is now available in five sizes (07, 08, 11, 13 and 18) and in configurations from 2 to 42 pins. From its smallest 07 size to its largest 18 size, all Fischer UltiMate™ connectors have the same performance and are perfectly suitable for harsh and extreme environments: the Fischer UltiMate™ Series is sealed IP68/69 mated and unmated and has a high corrosion resistance of 1,000 hours. Combined with the 360° EMC shielding, the guaranteed 10,000 mating cycles and an operating temperature from -55°C to 135°C, the connector is the right choice for extreme environment applications as this connecting solution requires less maintenance, is cost effective and slow aging.