Our colleagues at FAUN TRACKWAY USA are constantly striving to meet the changing needs of the defence industry. Following consultation with several expeditionary forces that were all looking to improve the efficiency of their operations, they have developed the Adjustable Ground Mobility System (AGMS).

The (AGMS) is the latest addition to the TRACKWAY repertoire, offering the same high quality and efficient deployment as its predecessors with the added bonus of adjustability.

The product can be attached in minutes to a wide range of front-end-loader vehicles, commonly owned by forces around the world. This will allow operators to deploy FAUN TRACKWAY’s portable roadway systems without the need for a dedicated vehicle.

AGMS not only promises to significantly increase deployment flexibility but it can also considerably reduce the cost of equipping a force with a portable roadway capability.

The innovative new product will appeal to a wide range of military organisations around the globe and its launch illustrates a huge milestone in terms of the efficient deployment of portable roadway systems.

The AGMS will be unveiled at the Modern Day Marine Expo in Quantico, Virginia 25th-27th of September 2012 and then will be availble on general sale direct from FAUN TRACKWAY UK, FAUN TRACKWAY USA, Inc or via our worldwide network of dealers.