FAUN Trackway has become a sponsor of the 2014 Anglesey Show, which took place last week. The Anglesey Show celebrates the best in the region’s agriculture, and the Trackway Team were on hand to share the company’s engineering knowledge and expertise.

The two day show saw the team showcasing its heavy ground mobility system (HGMS) named ‘Nia’, with children invited to sit in the driving seat of the 8×8 IVECO vehicle. Face-painting was also provided, by local face-painting company ‘Cree-Ations’.

Visitors to the stand were keen to find out about the business and were impressed to hear FAUN has been based in Llangefni for 75 years. The farmers at the show were among those who came to the stand to hear more about our products.

FAUN Trackway thanks everyone who visited their stand, and their representatives, Thiago Locoselli and Luciano Lunardelli Salomon, who came all the way from Brazil to show their support and help prepare the stand. Also to the Anglesey Show organisers who continue to be big supporters of businesses on the island.

Director Chris Kendall said: "The show was a huge success for us. We were non-stop for two days speaking about our role in the local community. It was a great way for us to interact with people and showcase what we do.

"Everyone who spoke to us seemed really impressed and there was a definite buzz around the stand. The children in particular were fascinated with our HGMS, Nia.

"We are very proud to have sponsored the event and to have joined all of the great businesses in Anglesey to celebrate the impressive things we have to offer."