FAUN Trackway, the leading manufacturer of expedient surfacing, is attending the Paris Air Show from 15-21 June, to showcase its suite of aviation solutions.

The team will be highlighting the dual use of FAUN’s systems, which can be used for civilian as well as military purpose, including the Aircraft Landing Mat (ALM) and the C-SERIES aluminium panel.

The Aircraft Landing Mat (ALM) is supplied in kit form to rapidly construct runways where it is not possible to lay asphalt or concrete, or where these materials suffer from cracking and chipping. The ALM can be a used with a variety of FAUN’s aluminium Trackway panels, which provide ground mobility by interlocking to form runways.

Developed in consultation with a wide range of partners, including Transport Canada and the Canadian Air Force, the C-SERIES aluminium panel is designed to create runways for civilian aircraft in areas where other materials cannot be used.

The matting offers a resilient ground-surfacing solution that prevents aircraft sustaining foreign object damage, whilst at the same time protecting the environment in which it is deployed.

The system is simply laid on top of the existing terrain to enable the safe take-off, taxi and landing of all types of aircraft. Crucially for remote locations, the mats are lightweight and easily transportable.
FAUN Trackway CEO Chris Kendall said: "Gravel or dirt runways and landing areas are still widely used across the world, and are particularly common in hard to reach areas.

"Many of these places are fly-in only and rely on this infrastructure for outside resources, so our products are vital parts of their inventory.

"We look forward to engaging with the delegates at the Paris Air Show to further raise awareness of our suite of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), aircraft and helicopter landing mats and demonstrate exactly what our products are capable of when it comes to aircraft landing safely on difficult terrain."

Chris Kendall and the team will be exhibiting within the UK Pavilion, Stand E155, Hall 2B.