FAUN Trackway USA has been on the road to showcase its medium ground mobility system, Beam Dispenser LITE (MGMS-BD LITE), in Pennsylvania.

The demonstration was conducted at the Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Operations Training Site, in Montgomery. It was held om front of a selection of leading oil and gas firms.

Some of North America’s most prominent companies were in attendance, such as Anadarko and Glenn O Hawbaker, one of the leading service providers of equipment and drilling to the US shale extraction industry.

The MGMS-BD LITE was designed to counter the challenge of vehicles traversing difficult terrain, and is particularly suitable for beach landings, or for operations in remote areas. It was first developed in 2012 following extensive consultations with the Danish Armed Forces, and produced specifically to its requirements.

The system can be fitted to a wide range of front-end loader vehicles to facilitate the rapid deployment and collection of MLC 30 Trackway, which is capable of withstanding loads of up to 30t. Minimal manpower is needed; only two trained individuals are required to deploy and recover the Trackway.

As we are conscious of how our products affect the physical environment in which they operate 95% of the MGMS BD-LITE is recyclable. In settings with woodland floors, our Trackway protects surrounding areas from damage by moving vehicles.