FAUN Trackway, the leading manufacturer of expeditionary recoverable matting, will be launching its latest product, the HGMS Independent Variant (HGMS-IV), at the Defence and Security Exhibition International (DSEi).

The HGMS-IV is a specially designed hybrid of FAUN’s flagship heavy ground mobility system (HGMS) that has been customised to include a stand-alone power supply.

This enables 30m of Trackway to be deployed and recovered without requiring power from an additional transportation vehicle, removing the need for buyers to invest in a bespoke chassis.

The system is comprised of military load classification (MLC) 70 aluminium Trackway, which can support wheeled or tracked vehicles weighing up to 70t as a ground-surfacing matting.

As well as preventing vehicles from getting bogged down in difficult terrain such as sand, snow and marshland, HGMS-IV can also be used as a bridging egress to ensure banks are protected from erosion from heavy traffic. It will be showcased within the Vehicle Zone for the duration of the show.

FAUN Trackway’s new suite of computer-based training (CBT) will also be showcased at DSEi. The e-learning programme consists of simulated and animated content that enables armed forces to remotely train personnel anywhere in the world.

The software is available for the whole FAUN Trackway product range, allowing users to understand the theoretical content of operating FAUN Trackway systems at their own pace, and attendees will be able to trial the software via an interactive touchscreen at the FAUN Trackway stand.

FAUN Trackway CEO Chris Kendall said: "Our constant strive for engineering excellence drives us to deliver innovative systems that truly meet the needs of modern armed forces.

"These latest systems will allow organisations to reinforce their capabilities, whether it’s through the HGMS-IV providing quick and easy access for vehicles in disaster relief situations, or CBT allowing countries to upskill multiple users on theoretical content at the individual’s own pace.

"As the biggest exhibition we attend, and with attendees visiting from all corners of the globe, DSEi is the perfect opportunity for us to display our new suite of solutions and showcase our credentials as a UK manufacturer."

FAUN Trackway will be at stand S4-140 and in the vehicle zone N10-190.