FAUN Trackway will be at the LAAD defence show in Rio de Janiero from the April 14-17 to demonstrate its suite of portable roadway and runway solutions.

The event is an international fair for the defence and security industries. Attendees include those who manufacture and supply technology and equipment to the army, navy, police, air force and special forces.

As a leading manufacturer of aluminium military products, the company will be focusing on its flagship Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS) model at the exhibition to raise awareness of its use in both military and disaster operations. HGMS was first developed for the Norwegian Army 15 years ago and is today held in the inventories of more than 35 armed forces from across the world.

The system is made up of Military Load Classification (MLC) 70, which is a ground-surfacing aluminium matting mounted on to a hydraulic spool. It is fitted to the chassis of an 8×8 vehicle and powered by its engine, meaning minimal manpower is needed for its deployment. Designed for speed, 50m of Trackway can be laid by two men in just six minutes to aid mobility in challenging terrains including snow, sand, desert and marshland.

Trackway is a temporary roadway solution designed for gap crossing, bridgeheads, boat ramps, route clearance and road repair. It can support tracked or wheeled vehicles weighing up to 70t as a ground-surfacing aluminium matting.

FAUN Trackway managing director Chris Kendall said: "South America offers a significant growth market for FAUN Trackway, so we are keen to meet with decision-makers responsible for defence budgets in the region.

"Exhibiting at LAAD will allow us to demonstrate how our portable roadway and runway systems offer practical and safe access to a variety of environments to armed forces around the world, both in military and disaster relief situations.

"We look forward to discussing our products further and meeting with armed forces personnel at the exhibition."