FAUN Trackway customers are now able to receive computer based training (CBT) for its products, allowing armed forces to remotely train personnel anywhere in the world.

Simulated and animated content has been integrated into e-learning courses, enabling trainees to understand and take on board the theoretical content of operating FAUN Trackway systems at their own pace.

The software can be used by students either ahead of the training course, for trainees to learn about the systems before they are faced with them in practical lessons, or afterwards as a revision tool.

This is especially useful for countries that experience extreme heat, where outdoor practical lessons should be focused and time-limited, as well as being an efficient and engaging alternative to PowerPoint presentations.

The Danish Armed Forces have been the first to order this new technology as part of their most recent order of heavy ground mobility system (HGMS) and MGMS-BD LITE.

FAUN Trackway CEO Chris Kendall said: "This form of e-learning will become increasingly important for younger generations in armed forces around the world, who have grown up using technology above traditional learning tools.

"Our computer-based technology will be taken to exhibitions around the world with our teams, to showcase the efficiencies it offers to our customers across the globe.

"As this is something that procurement decision-makers have been talking quite extensively about to FAUN Trackway recently, we think it’s going to be a major success."

For further information, and to view FAUN Trackway’s computer-based training in action, please visit: