Even before setting up an office in Washington in 2011, North America was highlighted as a significant growth market for FAUN TRACKWAY USA. As a result we are always keen to show our faces on the defense show circuit, to build existing relationships and forge new ones.

One of the major events in our calendar is the Association of United States Army (AUSA) exposition in Washington DC. Taking place every October, it brings together armed forces personnel with leading defense manufacturers, engineers and suppliers.

At last year’s AUSA FAUN TRACKWAY launched its adjustable ground mobility solution (AGMS) to much fanfare. In 2013 FAUNshowcased its AGMS once again with the help of Mack Defense, an American defence company.

Throughout the show the AGMS was mounted on an armoured Volvo L180G wheel loader at Mack’s stand. Hundreds of delegates dropped by to learn more about this adaptable equipment and how the portable roadway can be quickly and efficiently deployed from the AGMS using the Volvo wheel loader as the launch vehicle.

When it was launched last autumn, the AGMS set a meaningful precedent for defense engineers looking to increase forces’ ground capabilities through flexible products.

Fitting to a wide range of front-end loaders commonly used by armed forces, the AGMS opens up the choice of vehicles able to deploy portable roadway systems, offering a cost-effective solution to navigating challenging terrain.

The system can be adapted for use with both MLC 70 TRACKWAY – the multi-terrain system for tracked and wheeled vehicles up to and exceeding 70t – and MLC 30 TRACKWAY – which is typically used in beach-landings to offer mobility of wheeled vehicles up to and exceeding 30t.

This technology was developed after extensive consultation with a number of US expeditionary forces who are all looking to improve the efficiency of their operations.

Mack Defense senior director of defense sales and marketing Ryan Werling said: "We are committed to working with manufacturers and suppliers to the defense sector to offer a complete solution to modern armed forces’ mobility needs. In FAUN TRACKWAY USA I’m pleased to report we have a like-minded partner, whose product offering nicely complements our own."