FAUN Trackway, the leading manufacturer of portable aviation and roadway solutions, will promote its innovative UAV Landing Mat at the Farnborough Air Show, Hampshire, from 14 – 20 July 2014.

Launched in 2011, the UAV Landing Mat is the first product of its type to be developed specifically for use with unmanned systems. The matting, which acts as a temporary airfield for drones, can be laid where it is not practical or feasible to install permanent infrastructure. It can also be used as a platform for remotely-operated helicopters, meaning forces should only need to invest in one system for all their UAV needs.

Made of lightweight aluminium Trackway panels, the product is easily transportable and quickly constructed by hand, helping to provide a smooth landing, regardless of terrain, for any size or weight of UAV. Arrestor gear can also be fitted, allowing aircraft to quickly decelerate on landing and stop them overshooting the runway.

Australia was the first country to invest in the UAV Landing Mat, placing an order in December 2011. The system has since completed successful trials with the Australian armed forces as part of its bespoke Shadow 200 programme.

At Farnborough, FAUN Trackway will also be promoting its Helicopter Landing Mat (HLM).

The HLM comprises interlocking military-grade panels that can be used to mark out safe take-off and landing areas. Suitable for a wide variety of commonly-held helicopters, the matting suppresses dust and foreign objects to ensure crew and assets are protected and safe.

Additionally, the team will have on hand a variety of its panel samples, including PSA, PSA Flat Top (FT) and its Military Load Classification (MLC) 70 Trackway, to demonstrate the various finishes available.

Chris Kendall, Director, FAUN Trackway, said: "Infrastructure that supports aerial manoeuvres is an important facet in helping expeditionary forces advance their operations. This is particularly true with unmanned surveillance, which is most effective when used in conjunction with equipment that allows troops to gain access to far-reaching environments.

"FAUN Trackway’s portable aerial solutions can be rapidly deployed in terrains where expeditionary operations would not otherwise be possible."
The show will see FAUN Trackway sharing stand space with Aerospace Wales, a member organisation of than 150 companies with an interest in the industry, dedicated to supporting their interests on a national and international stage.

To visit FAUN Trackway, go to Hall 1, Stand B18.