FN MAG machine gun with a wooden buttstock

The 7.62x51mm NATO caliber FN MAG – designed, developed, manufactured and marketed by Belgium-based small arms manufacturer FN Herstal – now comes standard with a polymer buttstock.

This change in the standard configuration results from current trends showing increasing market demand for machine guns excluding wooden parts, these being impossible to decontaminate after contact with nuclear, biological and/or chemical agents.

A conversion kit is available to those customers wishing to replace the wooden buttstocks of their existing FN MAG machine guns with polymer buttstocks. Conversion takes a few minutes and requires no specific tools.

An FN MAG machine gun with a wooden buttstock remains available on specific request, as spare parts for wooden buttstocks are available.

The FN MAG machine gun is the unbeatable worldwide reference in its category in terms of accuracy and reliability. It has been adopted by over 90 countries across the globe, with 200,000 units manufactured so far. The FN MAG is also known under various designations, for example: MAG58, GPMG, M240, L7A2.

The FN MAG can be mounted without any modification on the deFNder Light or deFNder medium remote weapon stations. Variants of the FN MAG are found on combat vehicles, helicopters, ships and boats, either in coax- or pintle-mounting mode.