Diehl Defence Land Systems and EXPAL have signed a cooperation framework agreement offering solutions in the field of vehicle maintenance for the international market, which intensifies their joint activities.

This collaboration started two years ago when EXPAL was selected by Diehl as sole partner for maintenance and overhaul of the Spanish armed forces´ tracked vehicles

The current agreement also covers the collaboration in other markets in the segments: modernisation, maintenance, manufacturing and marketing

Diehl Defence Land Systems plays a leading role in track technology for armoured vehicles, equipping various platforms of European and US manufacturers, like the Leopard and Pizarro main battle tanks or the M109 self-propelled howitzer.

EXPAL has invested heavily during the past years in maintenance activities as a supplier of respective services for the Spanish MoD, for both military vehicles and aircraft systems.

Both companies share a strong interest in internationalizing their business. Therefore this cooperation paves the way for enhanced market penetration, while significantly promoting EXPAL´s business activities in the maintenance area.