Expal to attend FIDAE 2016

EXPAL will be attending FIDAE 2016 with the goal of supplying complete solutions for the Chilean Armed Forces in the field of defence and security, presenting its latest developments in arms systems, ammunitions and propellants and its capacities in services such as aeronautical systems maintenance and demilitarisation services.

EXPAL’s capacities in services of ammunition demilitarisation will be one of the lines of activities that will outstand in this edition.

EXPAL is a world leader in the development and implementation of demilitarisation solutions wherever it is required. Along with its experience of more than 40 years in such activity, EXPAL offers solutions in situ with the implementation of mobile plants or carrying out combined projects of collaboration with the local industry.

EXPAL’s philosophy of demilitarisation is not based on destruction, but on recovery and reuse of the raw materials recovering up to 99% of the explosives for its reuse in the civil sector. A unique and innovative solution that only EXPAL can offer.

Other systems that you can see in EXPALs booth at FIDAE 2016 are its C/IED and EOD systems and materials. For EXPAL, the development of these lines of activities is based on providing our clients with maximum efficiency, effectiveness and, above all, security in use.

EXPAL has a long tradition in design, manufacturing and commercialisation of initiation systems and demolition charges for the Army’s engineers, EOD operators and Special Operation Forces.