EXPAL will exhibit its micro UAV, SHEPHERD, which features a system with multiple applications within the defence and security fields.

Once again, EXPAL will be present at the UNVEX Unmanned Vehicles Congress, which will take place in Madrid from 4 – 6 March 2014.

With the aim of endowing its offer with advanced technological elements that strengthen and improve its development’s benefit, handling and operation, EXPAL has developed and integrated technological systems and applications to enhance its product. The result of this work is reliable platforms such as SHEPHERD, a prey bird-shaped micro UAV with multiple uses in defence and security, particularly in surveillance, observation and protection missions.

At this edition of UNVEX, EXPAL will show the most advanced version, SHEPHERD-MIL. This version UFO-UAV acts as an advanced unmanned observer in combination with the information fire-support systems TECHFIRE by EXPAL. Its high gliding capacity and its silent engine make it undetectable for sensitive missions.

The system is endowed with cameras and geo location software, which enable it to carry out surveillance and observation operations, such as border control, fire-fighting and drug trafficking, among others.