EXPAL has been awarded the tender for the implementation and management of a demilitarization line in Brazil.

The project will be run in collaboration with EMGEPRON, state-owned company of the Brazilian Navy.

The key factor for choosing EXPAL has been its proven experience in the demilitarization field. Over the course of more than 30 years, EXPAL has eliminated over 1,000 different kinds of munitions.

The contract will be carried out in collaboration with the Brazilian State-owned company EMGEPRON, which manages projects of interest for the Brazilian Navy.

This project will involve the controlled destruction of obsolete and out of use ammunition, using the most advanced technological processes based upon safety and environmental protection.

This contract demonstrates increasing concern of the Brazilian Navy and the Ministry of Defence for the safety of their military arsenals, as well as the protection of the environment.

With this project, EXPAL will be a pioneer private company providing demilitarization services in Latin America. EXPAL already provides these services in more than 20 countries, and owns manufacturing facilities in Europe and the US.