Groupe GORGÉ, through its subsidiary ECA, has agreed to acquire 100% of the capital of INFOTRON from Remote Reward.

INFOTRON is a French company specialising in the development and marketing of helicopter-type vertical take-off drones.

The acquisition is being paid for with €2.5m in cash and 375,000 new ECA shares. To accelerate completion of the deal, given the legal delays involved in issuing the new shares, Groupe Gorgé will provisionally take over INFOTRON in exchange for its own ECA shares. The Group will subsequently transfer Infotron to ECA on the same terms, receiving the newly created shares in exchange. ECA will then become sole shareholder of Infotron.

This acquisition shows the Group’s ambitions to establish itself as leader in the mobile robotics market. It is now the first company in the world to offer a range of mobile robots for all environments (submarine, land, sea and air).