Cyalume Technologies SAS, the French subsidiary of Cyalume Technologies and the world leader in chemical light solutions for more than 40 years and manufacturer of non-pyrotechnic battlefield effects simulators, will exhibit at MILIPOL 2013 in Paris from 19 – 22 November 2013, booth 5R034.

Used by military forces and law enforcement agencies around the world, Cyalume lighting solutions allow you to mark, signal and identify in the most hazardous situations, including combat operations or natural disasters. As a key player in the tactical light market for military forces, Cyalume today aims to expand its expertise and now offers its solutions to law-enforcement agencies and first responders, such as police and firefghters.

Cyalume® invests heavily in research and development in order to develop innovative products that actually meet the future needs of our users. Recent examples of the latest products developed by Cyalume® are: ChemLight® II, RAZORBACK™ – route clearance marking solutions, VisiPad™ marking emitters, ToTaL IR™ covert tag, track and locate powder, and the HG1 hand grenade trainer.

  • Introducing the new MilSpec Light Output Standard…ChemLight® II – Thanks to an important reserach and development, Cyalume is proud to announce that the new formulation of its ChemLight® light sticks exceed the current ,ilitary specifications. ChemLight® II is twice more powerful than previous specifications light output
  • New Razorback™ route clearance marking system – the Razorback system is the latest innovation to aid in route clearance. It provides safe lane marking visibility in day, night and blackout (IR) operations. The Razorback is simple to install and maintain, requires minimal electronics and sensors and can be controlled from inside the cabin through a hand controller
  • VisiPad™: rectangular marking emitter – Ultra-flat and ultra-light, VisiPad™ is a rectangular and space saving (11cm x 6cm) chemical light device. VisiPad™ has a self-adhesive backing that allows for placement on patients, buildings or other structures in various environments including ATEX areas. With a 10-hour duration, VisiPad™ is waterproof and non-toxic with a phthalate-free formulation; it provides light without heat, sparks or gas emission
  • ToTaL IR™: tag, track and locate infrared light emitting powder – ToTaL IR™ is a non-toxic, infrared powder in brown or tan which can detect intrusion into restricted areas, and shows the direction taken. As opposed to conventional and costly high-tech detection systems, ToTaL IR™ is much more down to earth. You simply mix two powders to get an immediate and powerful infrared emission for 3 – 7 days, depending on the environment. This technology, based on chemiluminescence, consists of mixing two solids instead of two liquids to get a powder that is only visible with night vision equipment. ToTaL IR™ sticks to shoes, tires, clothes, money, contraband etc., allowing intruder identification.
  • HG1: hand grenade trainer. The newest product in Cyalume® battlefield effects simulators – the HG1 hand grenade trainer is part of the range of battlefield effects simulators made by Cyalume®. It allows instructors to produce high-realistic training environments and enables trainees to immerse themselves in true-to-life situations so that they can train safely under realistic conditions. The intense audible shock effect (120dB) and visible shock-effect (smoke signature of 3m x 3m) delivered by the HG1, replicate real-world detonations

By broadening its offers to include battlefield effects simulators and by developing innovative products coming from the legacy technology of chemiluminescence, Cyalume extends its expertise and shows its determination to offer top-class solutions to military forces and agencies of homeland security and safety. On the occasion of MILIPOL 2013, Cyalume’s team is proud to present the latest product innovations as a demonstration of its technological advances, and as clear evidence of its continuing leadership position in the field of tactical lighting and non-pyrotechnic battlefield effects simulators.