Envoy is the world’s most advanced commercial HF radio, featuring digital voice for hiss-free communication, market-leading RF performance, ethernet and USB connectivity, and a large high-resolution display with a smart phone-like user interface. A true SDR, Envoy protects the value of the customers’ investment through its extensive feature set and future upgradeability.

Envoy’s new features include a full MIL-STD-188-110A/B high-speed modem for secure communications up to 9600bit/s, and upgraded IP connectivity that enables remote control / operation over minimal bandwidth links. Envoy’s USB capability has also been enhanced to enable fast and convenient fill of up to 256 encryption keys direct from USB memory sticks.

Codan Radio Communications Division executive general manager Paul McCarter said: "With unique features and software upgradeability, Envoy provides today’s features and tomorrow’s capabilities in one radio. We have designed the Envoy so it can always evolve with new innovations and our customers’ needs without increasing their costs."

Codan is committed to the evolution of Envoy, investing in research and development to ensure Envoy is continuously at the forefront of HF communication innovation.

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