AT Electronic and Communication Systems is proud to announce the availability of the ATL mobile broadband solutions.

The ATL mobile broadband system is ideal for mobile command station applications. Systems are available to suit military, emergency services, mining exploration, and government agencies such as environment services and monitoring.

The ATL mobile broadband system provides rapid deployment of local mobile wireless communications supporting voice, data and video with up to 100MB long haul link-up to 90km to a base station.

The system has been engineered using proven design techniques applicable for challenging rugged environments including military versions.

The system can be used on land vehicles such as commercial 4WDs, emergency response or tactical military vehicles as well as special purpose trailers.

Local Networks can be configured as TDM, IP, WiFi or WiMAX with pneumatic or windup masts up to 20m. Advanced options include automatic link establishment with steerable antenna and network encryption for sensitive applications.

AT Electronic and Communication International is able to custom design a solution with all integration components necessary for your application.