AT Electronic and Communication International is pleased to announce the availability of its advanced FMCW Radar Solutions; The AT PSR Perimeter Surveillance Radar and AT PGSR Portable Ground Surveillance Radar.

The AT PSR and AT PGSR provide high resolution surveillance solutions for manportable, mobile or fixed installation applications.

Both AT PSR and the AT PGSR allow the interception, detection and tracking of targets in single or networked sensor environments. The units are able to classify and differentiate targets and display them as an icon in an easy to read digital map.

A combination of the AT PSR and AT PGSR and other sensors such as thermal imagers and laser range finders can be integrated in a whole of surveillance solution which is easy to setup and train an operator to become very efficient in a short timeframe.

Applications for the radars are military, civilian and industrial applications and include; border guard, battlefield surveillance, perimeter security for mine sites, power stations, refineries, military compounds, airports and ports and harbours.