AT Electronic and Communication International is pleased to announce it has been acknowledged as the leading worldwide distributor for Codan.

This year has seen AT strengthen its market share with the Codan HF transceiver systems. A significant volume of these Codan HF systems were delivered to the various state and commercial organisations.

AT has now taken a market leading position providing a wide range of HF systems to law and order agencies, counter narcotic agencies, defence ministries, emergency service organisations and border protection forces.

AT has also increased its market leading position supplying HF systems to oil & gas, mining and mineral resource companies as well as mapping and navigation organisations.

AT has continued delivering innovative products to the market with the launch of the Codan digital HF Envoy transceiver. The Envoy has been adopted by users with positive feedback due in particular to its simple intuitive operation and local language support on the user interface software.

AT’s responsive customer service, technical support and user training for leading edge products has ensured consistently positive feedback.