Argon Electronics has launched a new detector simulator that offers CBRN/HazMat response training instructors yet another way to enhance the reality of exercises. The Argon RADSIM 44-9-SIM is a versatile simulated detector probe for training in the use of Ludlum’s 44-9 GM pancake-type detector, and can be used with an extensive range of Ludlum survey meters, rate meters and scalers.

Rather than real radiation sources or radioactive materials, the Argon RADSIM 44-9-SIM will respond to safe Alpha/Beta simulation sources that can be hidden on a person, enabling students to detect either partial or full decontamination. Instructors can therefore establish a realistic exercise that enables students to experience the operational features of Ludlum’s 44-9 GM pancake-type detector without endangering safety.

The Argon RADSIM 44-9-SIM not only enhances realism and safety but also is compatible with the Argon PlumeSIM® system for wide area tactical field and nuclear emergency response exercises. PlumeSIM® software is used with chemical and radiological detector simulation instruments from Argon, allowing virtual dispersal plumes and hot spots to be set up quickly and simply for trainees to detect. The Argon RADSIM 44-9-SIM is also compatible with other dosimeter, survey/radiac meter, and spectrometer simulators manufactured by Argon Electronics, permitting multi-detector, multi-isotope training to take place within the same scenario.

As with all detector simulators in the Argon Electronics range, the RADSIM 44-9-SIM offers cost-effective training without the need for recalibration and with no preventative maintenance required beyond the occasional replacement of AA alkaline batteries.