Argon, the global leader in CBRN and Hazmat training systems, has released another free white paper, this time offering tips for emergency services and first responders on how to provide the best possible CBRN response training. The paper will prove to be a valuable tool for any organisation wishing to maximise the realism of training without posing a danger to personnel.

The new Argon paper highlights best practice in CBRN training by looking at some of the highly challenging simulation exercises that have recently taken place in the UK using state-of-the-art simulation equipment. In these exercises, instructors can safely simulate the release of chemical and radiological hazards, while trainees carry out their roles equipped with simulators in place of the real detectors. The detector simulators respond to electronic simulation sources that represent chemical vapours, toxic industrial substances or false positives, enabling trainers to run realistic exercises without risk of harm or damage to personnel, their equipment, or the environment.

Exercises discussed in the white paper include a simulated terrorist attack during a half marathon charity event in support of military charities in which realism was introduced at every opportunity to ensure that every trainee reacted as if it was a real life emergency. The paper also offers five key tips that organisations should follow to get the best out of any training exercise.

To download the free Argon white paper, entitled How to Enhance Training for CBRN Response, visit: