radiation simulator

Argon Electronics has recently provided Magnox – owned and operated by Energy Solutions – with a number of innovative radiation meter simulators. The new order supplements previous equipment purchased to enhance safety training for Magnox employees.

A global leader in CBRN and Hazmat training systems, Argon Electronics produces simulators that exactly replicate original dosimeters. For example, the RDS-200-SIM is a realistic copy of the Mirion RDS200, a Gamma Survey meter. As real radiation meters only read real radiation sources, traditional training often features trainers holding up boards with meter readings written on them and asking the students to react accordingly. However, because the Argon simulators can be used with benign substances, they enhance workforce training by allowing real life scenarios to be enacted.

Magnox is the management and operations contractor responsible for ten nuclear power sites and one hydroelectric plant in the UK. Under contract from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Magnox runs the electricity-generating Wylfa and Maentwrof sites, manages refuelling at Chapelcross, Oldbury and Sizewell A and is undertaking decommissioning of Hunterston A, Berkeley, Bradwell, Dungeness A, Hinkley Point A and Trawsfynydd sites. Therefore, ensuring staff at all sites receive appropriate safety training is essential.

"We chose to purchase Argon equipment because the technology employed in their equipment produces realistic simulations of both contamination and radiation which makes training more stimulating," said Nigel Dodd, Accredited Health Physicist, Magnox Limited. "We use the simulation instruments for hands-on training of personnel in our purpose built training facility. We can teach staff and contractors the methods and techniques required to minimise their radiation doses and reduce their chances of contamination from radioactive materials. Using simulation equipment gives the trainees a level of realism that keeps them interested and receptive to the training."

In addition to the RDS-200-SIM, Magnox also uses the RADSIM GMP-11-SIM, a contamination training simulation probe that connects to either the real Mirion RDS200 or the Argon RDS-200-SIM, and the EPD-Mk2-SIM, a training simulator for the Thermo Scientific EPD-Mk2 dosimeter.