Argon Electronics is to support research and development into combating CBRN threats by sponsoring the upcoming CBRNe Summit, which takes place at Brno, Czech Republic between 26 and 28 March 2014. The event will bring experts and senior officials from across Europe to discuss the latest techniques for detecting a threat. Argon Electronics, a world leader in CBRN and HazMat simulation and training aids, will add its own unique expertise and experience to the growing body of knowledge on the subject.

Argon Electronics managing director Steven Pike said, "Governments and Defence Ministries are constantly reviewing the best and most effective ways to combat the CBRN threat. We are delighted to support events such as CRBNe Summit 2014 to ensure that those with responsibility for public safety and CBRN response are up to date with the latest training technologies available."

CBRNe Summit 2014 will discuss the latest threats, with in-depth presentations from industry leaders in the public and private sector. The event will also allow attendees to meet with senior officials from NATO JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence to learn the latest ways of combating different types of CBRNe disasters.

Argon is a world leader in CBRN / HazMat simulation and training aids, having worked closely with many of the world’s leading detector manufacturers to ensure the highest levels of fidelity in its equipment.