In order to trigger the individual radiating elements of radar systems in the correct electrical phase, SPINNER have developed special adjustable connectors. The customer is given increased flexibility for installation thanks to the option for electrical adjustment of the connectors within the radar system when installed. Simultaneously, the slightest phase change caused by bending the cables can be compensated.

Typically, we produce cables to customer specifications by manufacturing a so-called reference cable and subsequently producing all other cables in the same or differing electrical lengths and/or phase relations using special assembly and measurement technology. Application and measurement frequency as well as the mechanical minimum length is specified by the customer. The phase adjustable connector is in zero position. The maximum permitted mechanical length (disassembled condition) is indicated by a red mark.

This method allows for factory pre-production of entire cable sets in defined electrical lengths for radar systems and ensures trouble-free installation of the cables in the corresponding radar

With the help of connectors, the customer can ‘mechanically’ extend or shorten the cable by up to 5mm, if required. As a consequence, this also changes the phase relation (and in the same way the electrical length and the running time). The chart shows an example of the phase change in dependence of the mechanical adjustment distance with the related frequency (e.g. max. phase change of +/- 20° with 3.3GHz).

The additional constructional and production-related advantages of this solution are:

  • Robustness
  • Return loss and impedance values can be held stable by means of the adjustment distance
  • Fixing of final position (by means of lock nut; can be additionally secured against unauthorised
    modification by means of a shrink-fitted hose)
  • IP68
  • As a result of artificial aging the RF properties of the cables with relation to each other remain the same if the ambient conditions remain the same
  • Long-term reliable design, established technologies and measurement methods for mobile communication jumper production have been integrated

Phase adjustable connectors are available for tempered 50Ohm corrugated foam-dielectric coaxial cables SF 1/2″ (N and 7-16).