ECA is, with more than 800 systems sold worldwide, the uncontested leader in unmanned vehicles. ECA designs and delivers state of the art robotic and intelligent solutions for defence and civil security. The main aim of ECA developments is to save humans involved in life threatening missions such as mine warfare, EOD/IEDD, terrorist threats, hazmat, nuclear decommissioning or deep offshore inspection.

During the exposition at EUROSATORY, ECA will be presenting their lightweight UGVs: INBOT and COBRA are specifically designed for fast deployment for dirty dangerous dull applications. Ideally suited to increase situational awareness these UGV can perform reconnaissance, inspection and EOD missions.

ECA and SAGEM are collaborating to integrate the COBRA as a part of the future combat system FELIN. The mini reconnaissance robot is specifically designed to be a soldier companion in urban warfare environment.

ECA will also be presenting different types of CAMELEON robots equipped for specific missions such as:

  • RSTA: reconnaissance, surveillance target and acquisition
  • EOD: threat identification and suspect package neutralisation
  • CBRNe: detection and analysis of chemical and radiological agents
  • LAB: open platform for tiers-development