At the end of September, Kärcher Futuretech emerged as the winner of a tender issued by the German armed forces for a field camp for 150 persons. The FLM consists of a total of twelve components. In the portfolio of Kärcher Futuretech, which acts as the main supplier, are the sanitary, water purification and water distribution components.

These will be supplemented by kitchens and laundries in the second stage. Schall is responsible for the storage space concept and will supply the air supported tents. Further sub-suppliers include Fischer (transport containers) and Gerlich (armoury). All functional units are mounted on a standardised transport pallet – the Universal Transport Platform (UTP). A total of 85 UTPs are loaded on 85 identical tandem-axle trailers and can be transported to the mission site by means of a CH53 transport helicopter.

A separate lifting support system is available for loading and unloading. An advantage of the modular system is that the functional units can also be broken down to units for 50 people. The first components will be delivered to the German armed forces at the end of 2007. The this contract is worth €5 million. On a long-term basis, the German armed forces plan to procure 40 field camps.


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