Mobility. flexibility. Access. When you’re on the road, staying connected is critical. And for a fast-moving professional, your laptop is your most important tool. But mobility comes at a price: Traveling exposes a laptop to a host of risks, from cracked casings and broken screens to damaged hard drives and lost data. Even with thorough backup, you can still face costly repair or replacement and weeks of lost productivity. And when you’re delivering a presentation to a multi-million dollar client halfway around the world or in the field, there’s no room for error. Travel is challenging enough; protecting your equipment shouldn’t be.

Once again, Hardigg Cases comes to the rescue—this time with the groundbreaking re-designed iM2370 Attaché/Computer Hardigg Storm Case. Through ongoing innovation, we are pleased to offer additional enhancements to the iM2370 computer/attaché offering which include:

  • Ergonomically engineered lightweight high performance computer tray for quick, easy integration and protection.
  • Two multicubed foam inserts to provide additional support and protection to the laptop and allow easy configuration of smaller items in the lower compartments of the computer tray
  • A padded shoulder strap with increased double padding and an improved non-slip gripping surface for comfort and ease of carry
  • A lightweight office organizer with velcro enhanced compartments to allow improved storage of contents.

Designed to meet the needs of the computer/attaché market, the case is ideally sized for various laptop computers. It’s wide enough to accommodate machines up to 17In and provides a generous interior height of 130 mm that makes cracked screens a thing of the past. An optional computer protection tray easily fits machines with up to 15.4″ screens and includes configured compartments for CD/DVD and zip drives, spare batteries, stand-alone hard drives, digital cameras, and an external mouse.

The case also has a built-in lid organizer for papers, presentation materials, cell phones, PDAs, other small electronics – even a three-ring binder. Integrated lid-stays secure the lid open when you need it; so you can continuously work on your laptop or get to your documents quickly and easily. The iM2370 also includes built-in latch locks to address the specific security requirements of professionals. Unbreakable molded-in hasps for external locks provide another level of defense against theft. A wide cushioned handle and a padded shoulder strap make the iM2370 extremely comfortable to carry; and for airline travel, the case is fully compliant with FAA guidelines for carry-on luggage.